Place Cards for your Wedding Day

Racael Marie Place Cards

Trying to organise all of your friends and family for the wedding breakfast does take a considerable amount of time.  Certain family members want to be sat together whilst others don’t want to sit next to Auntie Lou because she’s boring!  Once you have decided who is going to sit where, you will need to formally set out your seating layout on a seating chart and furnish the table settings with place cards.  This will help to guide your guests to their seat without any fuss.

Place card settings make it much easier to visualise who is going to sit where and next to whom. They can complement the decor of the room and tables or match the designs you had on your wedding invitation.


Place cards can be ordered without the names of your guests printed on them which gives you the opportunity to personalise your place cards which adds a special touch to your table decorations.  To save time, you can have the names printed onto the cards so to avoid any spelling mistakes or if you have untidy hand writing!

In addition to place cards you may chose to name all of your tables to further help your guests make it to the correct table.  You can use any names you like such as places you may have visited as a couple or significant places that you have both been to.

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