5 Reasons to Use a Wedding Stationer

Any advice on organising your wedding will tell you to set a budget and stick to it and good advice that is too.

So, when you start the planning process you will probably ask yourself whether anyone in the family can provide some of the services and products you will need. Friends may offer to provide a particular item in lieu of a wedding present and that is great.

However, involving your family and friends can have its pitfalls, so in this blog I am going to share with you 5 reasons why you should use a wedding stationer.

1.    Your wedding stationery sets the scene for your wedding. The invitation you send out will give a message: a cheap home-printed invite will leave your prospective guests wondering whether you are scrimping on other things too. A creative, professionally designed invitation will make the recipients take notice and make sure that your wedding is met with eager anticipation.

2.    Stationers have done it all before. We are experienced in producing wedding invitations, we do it every day. We can advise you from start to finish on style, numbers, wording and what you should include with your invitation. We can help you ensure your stationery is a crucial part of organising your day – from informative invitations to table plans and place cards.

3.    Inspiration. Wedding stationers are a creative bunch. We are coming up with ideas and designs all the time, so we have done all the work for you. Whether you are going for vintage, shabby chic, sophisticated or to the beach, we will have a range to choose from. All you need to do is browse our galleries or pinterest and you will find the style for you.

4.    Time saving. Never underestimate how important time is. Planning a wedding is time consuming and if you both have a full time job you will need to delegate some of the tasks. Getting invitations out on time is a crucial part of planning any wedding. Do you have time in your busy life to design, make (or print) and write all your invitations? Will your designer friend who is doing them for free have the same urgency as they would a paid job?

5.    Cost. Rather surprisingly making your cards yourself is not much of a cost saving. If you are printing colour invitations each print will cost around 40p for ink. This does not include paper/card and envelopes or allow for the inevitable wastage. If you are going to make hand crafted invitations, card costs around 20p each before you even start adding the design. Add in to that your time and the total saving may not be worth the hassle.

Working with a wedding stationery company offers you peace of mind that everything will be done right. They offer great value and takes a job off your already massive to do list.

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