Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

A guest book is a classic wedding tradition. They let guests share their words of wisdom (or their groan-worthy jokes!) with the couple. The bride and groom can then keep the book to remind them of their special day. But how often do they really look at it?

As touching as the guest book is, they are often left to collect dust in a draw. If you want an alternative guest book with the wow factor, try these trendy ideas. They turn a guest book into a stunning display piece that you’ll look at again and again. Some of them even make great decorations for your house!

Guest Book Displays

Create an eye-catching display with your guests’ comments! Provide small cards or luggage tags to write on. Martha Stewart Weddings has some sweet templates you can print for free!

Martha Stewart Weddings Guest Book Cards

All you need to do is pair them with an item into which guests can post them. Pick something which matches your wedding theme. Think suitcases for a vintage or destination wedding, geometric glass terrariums for modern marriages, and so on!

Personalised Keepsake Box by Popsyclunk on Etsy

If you’re using luggage tags, you can provide a stand for guests to hang them on. Again, match it with your theme – for example, our Wishing Trees look wonderful at woodland weddings! They come with tags in a design of your choice. We have a great variety to look at, which are all parts of matching stationery collections.

Wishing Tree Guest Book Alternative by Tree of Hearts

Featured Item: ‘Wedding Wishing Tree & Wishing Tags’

Puzzle Guest Book

Game-based guest books are perfect for fun-loving couples! The two most popular choices are stacking bricks and jigsaw pieces, like this piece from The Wedding of My Dreams, which can be signed by the guests with markers.


If you prefer board games, lay out your favourite one and let guests sign the board. The game will remind you of the happiest day of your lives whenever you play it!

Personalised Art

Use personalised art featuring your names, wedding date, and, of course, a beautiful design! Guests can sign around the artwork. Fingerprint art is also popular – provide colourful ink pads so guests can leave a totally unique signature! This kind of print usually incorporates the fingerprints into the design – using them as balloons, or leaves in a tree – to make a striking effect. You can then frame the art and hang it up in your house.

Fingerprint Tree - Vintage Tree - Tree of Hearts Personalised Guest Book Art Prints

Featured Design: ‘Fingerprint Tree – Vintage Tree’

Guest Book Globes

This idea is wonderful for adventurous couples who love to travel! Customise a globe with your names or a favourite romantic phrase, then let guests sign it. You can use markers on a traditional globe, or use chalk to decorate a black chalkboard globe. Whichever you pick, the finished globe will be worthy of a place in your living room!

Chalkboard Globe Guest Book by debsbeautique on Ebay

Instant Photograph Guest Books

Instant photo guest books are a popular choice for retro weddings. Simply provide a few instant cameras (make sure you have enough film) along with a guest book, pen, and some way of sticking the photos on the page. Your guests can take a selfie-style snap and leave it with a message. John Lewis provides everything you need for this idea in one package.

John Lewis Fujifilm Instax 300 Wedding Pack with Instant Camera, 60 Shots, Photo Mounts, Wedding Guest Book & Pen

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