Are you the Best Man for the job?

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Some advice if you have the job of being Best Man at your friend’s wedding…

Being given the label of ‘The Best Man’ entails many duties that you should certainly not take lightly.  Delivering the speech at the wedding reception is a great honour, but often you will find that no one actually wants to do it when push comes to shove!  As long as you remember to keep it short and sweet, with a few sentimental bits that are spoken from the heart, it is sure to go down a treat.

Thinking of what to say

When it comes to constructing your speech, it can often be a daunting challenge. Many times you will have attended a wedding reception where the best mans speech crosses the line of either being too embarrassing for the couple or just not funny.  It is a great idea to keep it personal, but try not to make it too embarrassing or reveal anything that the bride or groom would not appreciate you revealing in front of their loved ones.

Many best mans speeches include a joke or two. Before you deliver the final thing, have a practise run in front of someone who will be able to give you constructive critical advice. If they don’t laugh at your jokes then chances are people will not be at the wedding reception either. You do not want to look too silly!
Try not to rush the delivery of your speech. Chances are you will have a reception room full of people who will all be wanting to hear what you have to say. If you rush it people are going to be disappointed and only hear certain bits. Try practising in front of a mirror. Project your voice well across the room and do not mumble!

At the end of your speech remember to tie it up by thanking the people that helped make the day so special for the bride and groom.
Just remember, be relaxed and composed. This is often achieved best when not too much alcohol has been consumed!

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