Is a Beach Wedding Right For You?

The British climate is enough to have anyone reaching for the travel brochures and if you have started planning your wedding, the virtual guarantee of good weather is very alluring.

A wedding on a sunny beach is so tempting, but it might not be right for everyone.  Here are a few pros and cons of a beach wedding.

The weather
Pro – if you are planning a beach wedding you will choose a destination with almost guaranteed sunshine and warm weather.
Con – sometimes the weather can be too hot, you will need to remember to take the sun cream and provide shade on the beach.

The planning
Pro – many companies and resorts offer an all-in wedding package deal and the uses of a wedding coordinator who does all the organising.
Con – you will not have much input into the planning and may not be able to meet suppliers or see the venue before you go, depending on where you are travelling to. Communication can sometimes be difficult due to time differences and varying holidays and work patterns.

The Guests
Pro – you can keep your guest list small and avoid the stress of a family occasion.
Con – some people you really want to go may not be able to get there: elderly relatives may be unable to travel; families may find it difficult to take children out of school and the school holidays are so much more expensive; some people may not be able to afford to go.

The Cost
Pro – this can actually be less for the couple as you have fewer guests and fewer formalities to pay for, especially with some of the competitive package deals. Your wedding and honeymoon become one trip.
Con – Your guests may not be able to afford the trip and you may feel the need to help with costs for some of the most important guests.

The Ceremony
Pro – this can be much more informal (insert pic) than traditional ceremonies
Con – there can be a lot of red tape involved in getting married abroad and some religious services may not be available in other countries.

beach wedding

Many of the cons can be quite easily overcome with planning. If you intend to get married abroad talk to those people you really want to be there and select a suitable time for them, for instance May and September are often reasonably priced and the temperature is cooler.

Send invitations out at least a year in advance, that way your guests may well make your wedding part of their main holiday.

To allow for the fact that you will be inviting less people to the wedding and that some of them may be unable to travel, have a reception back at home. This doesn’t have to be an expensive sit-down affair; it can easily be an informal barbecue or buffet where you can celebrate the marriage with your wider circle of friends.

If you want to celebrate in the sun, sand and sea, go on – enjoy yourselves.

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