Bespoke Wedding Invitations

Autumn Leaves range

You’ve got engaged – congratulations!

…and now the list begins of all of the things that you have to do before the big day…set the date, find the venue, send out your wedding invitations…the list can seem endless when you’re just starting out.  No doubt you’ll want to make your special day unique, and nothing says that better than sending out bespoke wedding invitations to your guests.

You might think that your wedding invite is just a formality, but what you send out to your loved ones will double-up as a keepsake for them to remind them of your wedding day.  This is why sending out bespoke wedding invitations will make such as difference and really set the tone for your big day.

The main aim of your unique wedding invitations will be to give your guests an inkling into what to expect on the day of your wedding.  It should reflect the colour scheme to some extent, and also maybe the type of flowers or decor that you plan on having on the actual day.  It will be what your guests refer to time and time again in the lead up to your special day – reminding them of the date and incorporating lots of other information such as any guest information they will need to know in advance of the date.

You can include with your bespoke wedding invitations as much or as little information as you like – but in our experience, guests would rather know too much than too little!  Include important information such as travel and accomodation details and also any dress code that you have in place for your wedding.  Even things such as whether guests should bring confetti or not can be included.

Whatever you decide to include when you send out your wedding invites, bear in mind that the cards you are sending will be something that your guests plan on retaining for a keepsake, and should therefore be as special as possible.

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