What to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Stationery

There’s so much choice nowadays when it comes to wedding stationery. Don’t feel overwhelmed! Whatever your plans, there are a few basic things everyone should consider when picking their dream stationery.

What to Order

Some stationery items are an absolute must-have! But there are also lots of optional extras. Think about what you need and what you want. For instance, everyone will need invitations – but not everyone will need separate evening invitations. Big venues will require a table plan to get guests seated, but if you’re planning a small reception, you might manage with just place cards. And will you choose to purchase drink tokens, or have an open bar?

If you’re on a tight budget, ordering only the essentials can help you save money. If you have more cash to splash, you can consider the lovely extras like confetti, bunting, and personalised wine labels.

Wedding Stationery

Featured Design: ‘Rustic Flower Border Evening Invitation and Drink Tokens’


With so many designs available, it helps to narrow down your choices right away before you start searching. If you have a wedding theme, search for designs that reflect it. Some couples have shared interests or hobbies that make a great starting point when looking for stationery. It’s a fun way to make your wedding personal and unique. Having a seasonal wedding also opens up new possibilities, like wintry snowflakes or summer ice-creams. Keeping to your wedding colour palette can also inspire your choices.

Wedding Stationery Winter

Featured Design:  ‘Reindeer Stars Wedding Invitation’

Still can’t find your dream design? Why not commission one, just for your special day? If you want matching stationery, don’t forget to make sure all the items you need are available in that design before ordering! Most stationers offer full ranges of coordinated products.


In addition to designs, you also need to consider card styles. Postcards come in different shapes and sizes, plus they’re an affordable option – so you can get value and variety! Open-out cards cost a little more, but make up for it with a luxuriant look. Pocketfolds are fantastic if you want to include a printed RSVP or guest information.

Then there are the other stationery items. You’ll normally have a choice between landscape and portrait layouts for items like table plans, signs, and place cards. Think about your location when deciding. Which style will fit better?

Wedding Rose Sign

Featured Design: ‘English Roses Wedding Sign’

Wedding Invitation Wording

We have blogs to help you with wedding and evening reception invitation wording! Here are the basic things you’ll need to include:

Write the full names of the bride and groom.

Include the names of the hosts.

Clearly state date, timings, and locations on separate lines.

Have friends or family members check the invitations before you get anything printed. They might spot mistakes you’ve missed, and they can tell you if the wording makes sense and reads well.

Ordering and Sending

Leave plenty of time to order your stationery and check the proof meets your expectations. Consider ordering samples first to see the quality in person. Don’t forget, you also need time to send invitations out – even more if you’re hand-writing them. Order one card per household, and get a few spares in case of last-minute changes or accidents.

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