Diamond Wedding Celebration

Racael Marie Range

George and Vera Tingle celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary this week, and received a card from the Queen to boot!

A Royal Affair

The Royal surprise for Mr and Mrs Tingle was orchestrated by friends in the York Philharmonic Male Voice Choir, of which Mr Tingle, now 82, has been a member for 40 years.

They are planning a big party with family, including their daughter and son-in-law, and fellow choir members and friends.  They celebrated the actual day this week with a meal out with friends.

The couple met as teenagers at a dance in their home town of Grimethorpe in 1949, and later married in the parish church.  Mr Tingle said they could not afford a honeymoon at the time, but made up for it later with holidays abroad, including ones to America and the Caribbean.  Mr Tingle has also travelled with the choir over the years, while Mrs Tingle, now 80, is a member of a “Friends” choir.

After completing his National Service from 1949 to 1951, Mr Tingle worked as a miner until 1961, when they moved to York and both worked at Rowntree’s until retiring.  The couple, who have three grandchildren and three great grandchildren, said the secret to their long marriage was “give and take”.  “The man does all the giving, and the wife does all the taking,” joked Mr Tingle, adding: “When all’s said and done you get married to live your life out together.”

We love this story, and a diamond wedding anniversary must seem a long way off if you’re just thinking about sending out your own wedding invitations!  No matter what stags your wedding planning is at, we wish you a marriage as happy and as long as the Tingles have had so far.

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