Everything You Need to Know About Proposal Day

Spring is nearly here! But 20th March isn’t just the first day of spring – it’s also Proposal Day! The Spring Equinox represents fresh starts and new goals. That makes it a great time to think about your relationship with your partner. Where do you see yourselves in the future?

Proposal Day is all about the often tricky subject of getting married. John Michael O’Loughlin, creator of the day, came up with the idea after seeing his cousin wait years for her boyfriend to propose. Couples are invited to have an honest talk about what they both want from their relationship. If you see yourself getting married, but have felt too embarrassed to say it clearly, now is the time! For others, Proposal Day is also a good time to pop the question, especially if you’re nervous. You might feel more confident knowing that people all over the world are going through the same thing!

The important thing is expressing how you really feel. We know that isn’t always easy! So, what can you do to overcome your nerves?

Proposal Day

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Break the Ice

The Proposal Day season officially starts on 18th March and lasts through to the day itself. This means you have a few days to get ready! You don’t need to be blunt. Just start off by giving your partner a gift, perhaps with a Proposal Day card. It’s like Valentine’s Day, only you’re not just saying I love you – you’re saying I would like to marry you! While not a proposal, you’re still showing you’re seriously interested in wedding them at some point.

Talk to Your Partner

Find a nice place where you can talk comfortably. There are lots of important points to talk about before proposing, and if you’re in a long-term relationship, you should have already covered most of the big ones. Now is the time to talk about anything you might have missed! This is what the day is really about; having an honest conversation about the possibility of marriage, and covering all those awkward topics like money and family!

Plan Your Proposal

If you’ve talked with your partner and think marriage is the next step, it’s time to think about a proposal! This is a very personal moment, but there are some basic things to think about before you pop the question. You should talk with your partner’s relatives and tell them you plan to propose. You also need to decide if you want to plan something big, or opt for a quiet, private proposal. Thinking about your partner’s interests and personality can help you decide. Will you pop the question on a special date? Or ask on Proposal Day to give you extra motivation?

Plan a budget to ensure you have enough to achieve a dream proposal! Tree of Hearts has a great range of beautiful and affordable stationery for engagement parties…

Proposal Day. Featured Design: 'Romantic Floral - Boutique Engagement Party Invitation and RSVP'

Featured Design: ‘Romantic Floral – Boutique Engagement Party Invitation and RSVP’

If you want more time to get ready, Proposal Day is also celebrated on 22nd September!

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