How to get your wedding guests to RSVP on time

You’ve sent out your wedding invitations and now you are waiting excitedly for the RSVP replies to come popping through your door…

…and waiting.

……and still waiting.

It’s a sad fact that most people need a little nudge when replying to wedding invitations. There’s plenty of excuses: “Oh, I thought you knew we were coming”, “It’s just been manic the last few weeks”, but not a lot of action.

Meanwhile, you are starting to panic in case nobody turns up! Your venue is pressing you to confirm numbers. The temptation to have a massive tantrum is huge!

Whether this is happening to you or you’re worried it might, stay calm and follow our handy tips for getting those RSVPs back.

You’ve Already Sent Your Invites

If your invites have already gone out but replies are slower than Friday evening traffic on the M25, it’s time to delegate.

This is the moment to take up the offer from your parents to help out. You know, the one you dismissed because you had everything perfectly under control! Sort your list of non-responders according to family connections and ask them to follow up with the people they know.

Let them know the date by which you must confirm numbers so that, if anyone is unsure, they can be given a final deadline.

For your own friends, it’s time to pick up the phone. Make sure you do this at a time when you are not stressed or angry. Simply check that they did indeed receive the invitation and ask if they will be able to make it.

Don’t be tempted to send a curt text or Facebook message.

Your Invites and RSVP Cards Haven’t Been Sent Yet

If you haven’t already sent your invitations, then these steps will ensure that most of your guests will reply in good time. There will always be a few who don’t, so don’t stress about it.

Firstly, include an RSVP card and reply envelope with your invitation. Have the envelopes fully addressed and stamped. All your guests need to do is fill it in and pop it in the post box. The fact that you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of a stamp will (hopefully) motivate most to send it back!


Secondly, make sure you have a ‘reply-by’ date specified. Make this at least two weeks before your actual deadline. Then you have a bit of time to round up the stragglers. Put the date on both your invitation and the RSVP card.


Thirdly, a couple of weeks before your reply by date, send a friendly email to everyone who hasn’t replied yet. Give them a very brief update on the wedding plans. Say how much you hope they’ll attend and remind them of the date by which you need to confirm numbers.

Finally, follow the guide above for chasing up the slowcoaches. As you’ve allowed for this in your planning, you’ll be able to be nice and relaxed about it, without the need for a Bridezilla moment!

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