Green and Yellow – the Colours of Spring

As the grey days of winter continue we all look out for the first signs of spring: snowdrops nestling under a tree, blackbirds singing or buds on the trees. We know that soon these first hints of new growth will be bursting into a riot of colour as the daffodils swathe the countryside and trees come into leaf.

Green and yellow are the main colours associated with spring. A wander round the High Street and a browse on pinterest shows just how important yellow is at this time of year. It becomes a key colour in window displays, weddings, home decoration and seasonal gifts as Mothers’ Day and Easter approaches. Not only are many spring flowers yellow, but we also think of chicks, eggs and pancakes. Yellow icing is a big feature of cake decoration and traditional Simnel cake is covered in yellow marzipan.

In colour psychology, yellow is uplifting and illuminating. It offers hope, happiness, cheerfulness, fun and creates enthusiasm for life, all emotions that we associate with spring.

If you are having a spring wedding, daffodils look so lovely and can provide a relaxed and happy atmosphere at a wedding. We love this bouquet from

Daffodil bouquet


Green is the colour of growth, renewal and rebirth, but it is also restful to the human eye, so provides the perfect contrast to the vitality of yellow. Emerald green was the Pantone colour of 2013, so if you started planning your wedding last year you may well have been inspired by it.

But don’t dismiss green as last year’s colour. Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle and, with St Patrick’s Day falling on the 17th March, you have the perfect opportunity for a party and a celebration of all things green every spring.

By using St Patrick’s Day as inspiration you can go to town by incorporating shamrocks into your wedding stationery and table decorations, playing lively Irish music and, of course, Guinness as shown here decorated with a single shamrock on top. The shamrock, now the symbol of Irish pride, is particularly apt as it was sacred to the Celts as it represented spring and rebirth.


table decorations favours guinness

If you like green, but don’t fancy the Irish theme a classy cake like this one pictured below, forms a lovely centre piece and fits in well with many venues.


It is easy to pull the two colours together at a wedding. Green and yellow are beautiful in the bride’s bouquet and in the stationery.

But, here is something a bit different: lime and pineapple macaroons, available either as favours or as a pyramid centrepiece.  They look stunning and taste great too.

macaroons new


Macaroons –

Table decorations –

Cake –

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