A Guide to Wedding Table Plans

Organising wedding table plans is infamous for being difficult. Don’t worry, though! Keep these important etiquette tips in mind to make sure your wedding planning goes smoothly!

Learn the Layout

The first step is to learn the layout of your wedding reception venue. Try to get the key details quickly, so you can start thinking about how to arrange the guests. Find out the shape of the room and the tables, the number of chairs at each table, and their positions. You should also ask the venue owners if there’s a cost for last-minute changes to guest numbers.

A Guide to Wedding Table Plans - Vintage Lace Table Plan

Featured Design: ‘Vintage Lace Table Plan’

Confirm the Guest List

You should have your guest list firmly in mind before ordering your wedding reception stationery. Last minute additions to your list can really confuse your plans, so make sure you have a definitive list as soon as possible. Send your RSVP cards out well in advance of your wedding – a month at the least. Don’t be afraid to chase guests for a reply, either! Even before you get responses, though, you should start planning the seating layout. You can always make tweaks if people can’t attend, and it’s better to get a head start on the task.

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Featured Design: ‘Je t’aime Table Plan Cards’

Plan the Seating

Start with the top table. Traditionally, the bride and groom sit in the middle. The bride’s parents sit on either side, then the groom’s parents beside them. The best man and chief bridesmaid bookend the table. If you have step-parents or children from previous marriages, they are usually seated next to the best man and bridesmaid. The seating order is male, female, male, and so on. Of course, depending on your own family, you may want to mix this up! Sweetheart tables, where the bride and groom sit alone, are becoming more popular as a way to stop any family drama about who sits on the top table.

A Guide to Wedding Table Plans - Wild Love Table Plan v2

Featured Design: ‘Wild Love Table Plan’

To make planning easier, sort out the more obvious table seating selections first. Close friends and family will traditionally sit near the top table. Couples and families with children will also want to stay close to each other. Avoid having a singles table, and instead opt to mingle solo guests throughout the other tables. You can also make things easier for yourself and your guests by considering their special needs; for instance, elderly guests should be seated closer to the facilities, while those hard of hearing will appreciate being closer to the top table so they can hear the speeches.

Choosing Wedding Table Plans

Once the hard part is finished, you can enjoy looking for a beautiful table plan design! There’s a size and style for everyone; some stationers will let you tweak orientation, size, and table styles to fit your unique venue. You could also use individual table plan cards. Don’t forget to pair wedding table plans with table name/number cards and place cards. Tree of Hearts offers ranges of matching stationery, so you can theme your reception. It makes a great decorative touch!

A Guide to Wedding Table Plans - Rustic Wedding Lace Table Name Card

Featured Design: ‘Rustic Wedding Lace Table Name/Number’

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