Have you thought about your Wedding Menus?

Aside from your wedding ceremony itself, one of the most enjoyable moments on your special day is the wedding meal with all of your friends and family.  This is when you get to sit down with your loved ones and raise a toast to your marriage and future live together.

Every wedding guest loves tucking into the delicious food and spending time getting to know the other guests on their table.  A great way to ensure that you provide all of the information that your guests will need, is to ensure that there are some wedding menus on the tables at your wedding reception.

The best idea is to leave one or two wedding menus on each table with the wedding breakfast menu – as well as a list of vegetarian options and choices for the children if applicable.  You can choose your menus when you are purchasing the rest of your wedding stationery and that way, you can ensure that the design of all your wedding stationery matches.

Other Stationery

As well as choosing your wedding menus at this stage, you can also choose your wedding table plan to ensure that the entire wedding reception runs as smoothly as possible.

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