I’m A Celebrity…And I Need To Pay For A Wedding!

Linda Robson has revealed why she endured the I’m A Celeb jungle… to pay for her ­daughter’s wedding.

Roughing it

Birds of a Feather star Linda, aged 54, will get about £30,000 for her hardship in the jungle and plans to blow most of it on daughter Lauren’s big day next June.  She said: “The jungle can certainly pay for a nice wedding dress.  Lauren and her fiance Steve are getting married in Cyprus and I wanted a few bob to help them.  We’ve been going to ­Cyprus for 25 years so it seemed the right place to get married.  Now they’re upgraded to a first-class wedding.”

And the actress shouldn’t have to worry about losing weight for the wedding after shedding one-and-a-half stone in the jungle!  She said: “It feels good to lose the weight but it wasn’t through choice.  There was just rice and beans, along with the odd meal – and some of the meals weren’t appealing.  Rice and beans without seasoning is the most boring food.  After the first few days you’d rather not eat.  You can see the weight dropping off David Haye and Hugo Taylor.  They are really struggling.  Hugo is the hungriest boy I’ve ever met in my life.  He’s lost so much weight.  He looks really drawn and gaunt.  Hugo is used to good food and fine dining but there’s none of that in there.  David is used to having six meals a day but he’s not eating anything like that. He arrived as a big Amazonian man but he’s fading away.”

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