The Importance of Saying Thank You After Your Wedding

Marriage is a special occasion where friends and family can come together to show how much they care for the happy couple. Guests put a lot of effort into making the wedding day memorable. They may help with the organisation, or get busy looking for cards and presents. Not to mention those with big roles, like the best man, the bridesmaids, and so on! Here are a few tips on how to say thank you.

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Send a Thank You Card

You can show your appreciation with a card, or even a little gift like a flower bouquet. Stick to one card per household – you can still make it special by giving each family member a mention.

A personal, handwritten message can make all the difference. It’s ideal for showing how meaningful someone’s gesture was to you. When writing a card, think about what that person did for you and mention it. This shows what a big impact their generosity made! Depending on what they did, you could say how you’re going to use their gift, how their help made the wedding a success, or simply thank them for their company.

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Choosing Your Stationery

Saying thank you can really brighten your friends’ day. And, with a little planning, you can also make the task as stress-free as possible.

To make sure your stationery is just how you want it, order samples to check the quality yourself. This will help you avoid the hassle of having to return underwhelming products. Some companies – such as our own Tree of Hearts – will send you a sample of your chosen design for free!

It also pays to purchase before your wedding. The last thing you need after your special day is the stress of ordering more items!

Acting early will also give you extra time to work on each thank you message; if your cards are ready and waiting, you’ll be able to start writing straight away! And, if you’re just too busy to write lots of unique messages for each person, you can always buy cards with pre-printed messages.

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You can also keep the wedding fun alive by picking the perfect stationery. Find something personally suited to your friends, or match it with the wedding theme to bring back great memories. Buying stationery from the same source keeps the design and quality consistent. Most companies, such as Tree of Hearts, provide collections of matching products – including wedding thank you cards. Or you could choose ‘Use Your Own Photo’ stationery and turn a card into a memento!

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