Invites for your Evening Guests

 His and Hers Range

It’s hard enough deciding on the guest list for your wedding breakfast, but when you think all the hard work is done you then have to decide who will be attending the evening reception as well!

The Evening Event

Being able to have a big evening reception will mean that you can treat guests to a great night out and get them involved in your wedding.  You can do whatever you like for the informal evening part of your wedding day – no matter if a bucking bronco, disco or karaoke is your thing!

Numbers and cost are normally the deciding factors when you have to choose your attendees and the venue you choose will also be a determining factor.  Most people invite the people who come to their wedding breakfast to the evening reception as well and then increase the numbers so more people can attend the evening party and really get the party started!

Because of this you will need to send separate wedding evening invitations to some of your guests. The information in these may contain the date and time of the event as well as directions to the wedding venue.

Some wedding attendees may have specific requests regarding food or drink requirements and you should always try to accommodate these whenever possible. Because of this it can be a good idea to include wedding RSVP slips so the invitation can be returned quickly. This will make organising numbers easy and also mean any specific requirements can be catered to.

So, have a think about how you would like to invite to the night-time party and get that karaoke machine on order!

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