How many Wedding & Evening Invitations do I need?

After writing your wedding guest list you will need to work out how many wedding invitations and how many evening invitations you will need to buy. If you want to be super organized it is a good idea to also write a separate list, with all the addresses of your guests so you have them all ready for when you come to post out your invites. When working out how many invites you need to buy, just remember that you will only need 1 invite per couple or per family, not one each, resulting in loads of spare invites! Once you’ve worked out how many invites you need, add a few extra onto the total or round up the number so you’ve got some spares as you’re bound to make mistakes or have forgotten somebody, which can be rather costly if you need to order a few extra at a later date.

Depending on the location of your wedding or the circumstances in which you are getting married, I would recommend that you buy your wedding invitations around 6 months prior to your wedding date. By purchasing them this far in advance, it will give you plenty of time to write your invitations and get together any final addresses you don’t already have. Aim to post out your invites around 3 months before your actual wedding date, allowing your guests plenty of time top RSVP.

Although I have suggested you should send your invites around 3 months in advance, I would strongly recommend you send your invites earlier if you’re getting married over a popular holiday period or around 6 months to a year in advance if you are tying the knot abroad as guests will need to arrange their travel and accommodation. If you need to supply your guests with additional information like flight details, resort information, hotel choices etc then you may want to purchase an additional guest information card to pop inside your invite so as not to spoil the look of your invitation.

Useful Tips

  • Research and plan your wording for your invitations in advance, as you could end up making mistakes or getting something wrong.
  • Wording for guest information cards will take more planning so make sure this is all ready if you are sending this out with your main wedding invitation.
  • Get someone else to proof read your invitation and guest info wording as mistakes will more than likely be picked up this way,
  • Check turnaround times when ordering your stationery and remember to add postage times on top of this. Select ‘express delivery’ if you need them quickly as this will speed things up slightly.
  • Keep all your guests addresses in a safe place as this will save you time when you come to send out your thank you cards.
  • Check your stationery when it arrives, mistakes do happen and you may need time to rectify them.
  • Pop your RSVP card and guest information card (if you are sending one) inside the same envelope as your invitation to save on postage, but make you sure you check whether it needs to go as a large letter if it’s more than 5mm thick.

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