Personalised Stationery – Wedding Thank You Cards

All you need is love Range

Weddings can be particularly stressful and ensuring that you speak to all of your guests can be a logistical nightmare!

After the event (and once you have been on your honeymoon) there are all the fabulous presents that you may have received that need to be opened – this is the fun bit!

The Gifts

Friends and family will have most probably bought items from your wedding list or things which they think will help you along during your married life.  Some of your relatives you may not see again until another family event or Christmas so it is worthwhile sending them a short note to say thank you for attending your wedding and for their kind gift.

Wedding stationery, including thank you cards can be customised to complement your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. They are a perfect way to thank all of your friends and family for coming to share your special day with you and your partner and also to thank them for buying you a gift.  Personalised stationery will go down a treat with all your guests and they will appreciate that you have taken the time to thank them specifically.

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