Place Cards for your Wedding Tables

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Wedding place cards are used to guide your guests to their seats for the traditional wedding breakfast.

How to do it well

When done correctly, place cards can add that beautiful finishing touch to your wedding, and will create a lasting impression on your guests at your reception venue.  They are also a vital component to staying organised during the lead-up to your big day, as you can prepare in advance where you want everyone to be seated for their meal.  You can group people together any way that you see fit – you can group together family members, friendship groups, those with compatible interests, or even mix it up and put together people who don’t know each other well so that they can use the opportunity to find out more about each other.

Place cards are usually positioned above each place setting, and with have the name of each individual guest – replicating the layout from your wedding table plans.  As well as directing people to where they are meant to be sitting, wedding place cards also act as additional decoration for your tables.  You should bear this is mind when choosing a design, so that it complements the rest of your wedding colour scheme or theme.

You can buy place card holders which also incorporate space to include a wedding favour – little keepsake boxes which the guests can take away with them (or much on the contents if the food is running a little later than planned!)  Wedding place cards can usually be personalised with the names and date of the couple getting married, or maybe even a favourite line from a poem or song if that’s what you want to do.

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