Planning your Wedding – Starting with your Wedding Invitations

Weddings don’t  need to be a stressful time in terms of planning.  By following a few basic tips regarding your wedding invitations, it is realistic to achieve a much smoother process that will ensure that all your guests are fully prepared for what you expect from your wedding ceremony in terms of dress code, etc.

Wedding invitations have an important role to play in all wedding ceremonies, not least the fact that wedding invitations are likely to be the first clue that people are given regarding your impending wedding.  Wedding invitres are available in lots of different styles and designs too, so it can be a task in itself to choose the right ones for your special day.

Generally speaking, we advise on sending our your wedding invitations out around 5-8 weeks before the ceremony is due to take place.  This will give all of your guests plenty of time to ensure that they can attend and to make any associated arrangements such as travel and accomodation.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

With more and more online stores supplying wedding invitations it is important not to forget the basic rules of etiquette and guidelines that are associated with the creation and delivery of wedding invitres.  First and foremost when it comes to wedding invitations is the importance of ensuring that all your invites include all the information that is important for your ceremony.

Wedding invitations are the easiest means of getting your message across in terms of planning wedding ceremonies and are one of the most vital cogs when it comes to the smooth running of a ceremony.  Choosing the right time to send wedding invitations is also important due to the fact that if you send them too early, people may have forgotten by the time the big day rolls round; and sending them too late could mean that people may already have other plans that cannot be altered.  It’s a difficult balance to get right, and you won’t be able to please everyone!

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