Summer Wedding Theme Inspiration

Brilliant sunshine and floral beauty at every turn – what’s not to love about summertime? A summer wedding opens up so many options for themes that capture the magic of the season. Here are just a few of our favourite summer wedding ideas!

Country Garden Wedding

Make the most of the sunny weather and fresh flowers with a traditional British garden setting. Perfect for fans of vintage style, this timeless theme will be a hit with guests of all ages. Floral designs will add country charm to your day.

Summer Wedding - Botanical Garden Invitation

Featured Design: ‘Botanical Garden Pocketfold Wedding Invitation & RSVP’

For the reception, use plenty of floral decoration and set up classic lawn games like croquet to keep everyone entertained. Use tea party favourites to inspire your wedding menu, with pastries and seasonal fruits taking the spotlight.

Summer Wedding - BLOVED Blog - Theresa Furey - Vanilla Pod

Photo: Theresa Furey | Cake: Vanilla Pod | Table Linen: Kate Cullen | Flowers: Bramble + Wild | Source: B.LOVED Blog

Watercolour Wedding

Summer is the season of colour, so splash out with whimsical watercolours! This theme highlights the burst of colour and creativity that summer brings. Whether printed or hand-painted, watercolour wash stationery will look stunning.

Summer Wedding - Festoon Lights Invitation 2

Featured Design: ‘Festoon Lights Pocketfold Wedding Invitation & RSVP’

Have a colourful dress code – there’s a rainbow of watercolour-inspired dresses for the bride seeking something special.

Summer Wedding - McLeod Dress - Style Me Pretty

Dress: Kate McDonald Bridal | Source: Style Me Pretty

Why not pair it with a watercolour wedding cake?

Summer Wedding - Jessica Cooper Photography - Nutmeg Cake Design - Ruffled

Photo: Jessica Cooper Photography | Cake: Nutmeg Cake Design | Source: Ruffled

Beach Wedding

Summer holidays, anyone? Whether you’re having a tropical destination wedding, a coastal venue closer to home, or just a seaside theme, beach weddings are the perfect fit for this season. The best thing about this theme is how versatile it is; rustic, vintage, modern, or traditional, all can fit with this style.

Summer Wedding - Hawaiian Flowers & Pineapple

Featured Design: ‘Hawaiian Flowers & Pineapple Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP’

Select refreshments and decorations as appropriate. Think fish and chips with seashells and nautical anchors, or tropical fruits with palm leaves, woven chairs, and macramé embellishments.

Summer Wedding - Arch by Chelsea Maras - Bridal Guide

Photo: Chelsea Maras | Source: BridalGuide

Festival Wedding

For a bohemian couple mad about music, travel, and all things arty, a summer festival wedding is a must! Tipi tents in green fields, campervans serving on-trend street food, and live musicians will make your special day a party to remember.

Summer Wedding - Campervan Sign

Featured Design: ‘Campervan Arrow Wedding Sign’

Summer Wedding Etiquette

Once you’ve found your dream theme, you can really start planning your summer wedding. But first, here are a few etiquette points to remember.

Send out your save the date cards six to eight months before the wedding, or even earlier if you’re having a destination wedding. While this applies to a wedding during any season, it’s especially important for the busy summer period, when so many people are planning their holidays. You want to make sure none of your guests double-book your big day.

Summer Wedding - Pastel Chalkboard Flowers Save the Date

Featured Design: ‘Pastel Chalkboard Flowers Save the Date Magnets

Hopefully, your summer wedding will be sunny and warm! Remember that guests will need plenty of refreshments in hot weather. Consider serving ice-cold drinks during your ceremony, not just your reception, to keep everyone smiling. Provide shady areas so guests can cool off in comfort. You might also consider a relaxed dress code that favours sandals and sunshades over stuffy suits!

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