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We had a discussion in the office about all of the different wedding table name ideas we have seen over the years – from the ridiculous to the quirky, and we have come up with some ideas if you are struggling for some suggestions for your wedding table names.

Hobby Related

Naming the tables after sports you both enjoy, or the names of sporting teams such as the Premiership or The Ryder Cup player’s names

If you have a passion for animals you can name the tables accordingly, or maybe after pets you have both owned over the years

Casino-themed for Poker lovers

The James Bond Theme with tables named after favourite Bond Girls, Bond movie titles, or even tables of villains!

For a romantic slant, try naming the tables after love stories, or heroes and heroines from classics such as Gone With the Wind.

Personal to You

Name your tables with all your favourite places, starting with the top table being named after the place you both met, to the final table with the location of where you live together as a couple.

Personal to your Guests

You can always name your tables with something related to your guest – for example picking someone as the head of that table and naming it accordingly.

Rather than a simple table name or number, you can write a short personal message to your guests instead on the table name card, addressing the card to everyone on that table.  People then have to read all the lovely messages to find their name on a particular card.

Whichever theme or style you go with for your wedding table names, we hope that you choose us for you wedding stationery.  Take a look online now at our range of wedding tables names available.

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