Table Name Ideas

Carnival Range

When it comes to the theme of a wedding, everyone has very different ideas and concepts.  I’ve been to a wedding where all of the table names were named after different brands of motorcycle, and others where it was a bit of a free-for-all and you could sit where you pleased!  If you’re still struggling with ideas for a wedding theme, or need some inspiration when it comes to table names, here are a few ideas which may be right up your street!


Name the tables according to favourite songs, artsists, band, etc.  This way you both get to have an input and can each bring your musical style to the day.

Linguistic Love

Each table can read ‘I Love You’ in different languages.  Might be a bit difficult when it comes to verbally telling guests where they are meant to be seated though!


How about tables named after underground stations or famous London landmarks?

Special Places

Like the above idea, name the tables after places that mean something to you both.  It could be the towns or villages you grew up in, where you had your first date, or similar.


Each table could be a word from the song lyrics of your first dance.  This will keep everyone amused trying to guess the song too.

Literary Love

Adorn the seating plan with favourite authors, books, or love poetry.

Whatever you decide to do for your big day, make sure you make it personal and make it unique – it’ll give your guests something to remember too.

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