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Wedding Inspiration on Floral Design Day 2017

Floral Design Day is the perfect chance to take in some inspiration. Social media is a-buzz with flower power, and natural designs of all sorts are being celebrated. Floral Design Day is especially exciting this year, as floral…

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i-candy mood board: daisy chain

Happy Thursday, I hope you’re having a good day! With Christmas behind us, lots of brides (and grooms) are busy planning for their 2015 wedding! We are seeing some lovely orders in a wide range of colours…

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i-candy mood board: sunflowers autumn

‘Thank you’ to everyone that ‘liked’ our new ‘Sunflowers & Bunting’ range, and ‘thank you’ to all our lovely customers that have already ordered it. This week I have decided to theme my ‘i-candy mood board’ around…

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Love is in the air at Tree of Hearts – Nikki and Damon

  With just 16 months to go, Nikki is in the right place in terms of being around lots of ideas and inspiration for her big day. She scours our large pile of wedding magazines at every…

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Radiant Orchid – the colour of 2014

We loved it when Pantone announced that the colour of 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Not only do we love pinks and purples, but we love the description of the colour given by Pantone’s executive director of the…

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