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7 Things to Put on Your Wedding Guest Information Cards

With limited space on your wedding invitations, guest information cards are the perfect way to ensure your guests have all they need to enjoy your wedding day to the full. And they can save you heaps of time…

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What Drinks Should I Serve at my Wedding?

Choosing what drinks and how much to provide at your wedding can be a major headache and a major dent in your budget. Of course we all want to celebrate with bubbly, but we also might have…

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How to organise your table plan

Organising your table plan can be a tricky part of your wedding as you will want to try and please everyone! Start by adding up the total number of guests attending your wedding and then working out…

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Guest Books and Signature Frames

Guest Books A guest book is traditionally used for guests to write a personal message to the bride and groom on their wedding day. It is usually placed in a visible place at the evening reception or…

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Wedding Post Box and Wedding Guest Book – What are they for?

Wedding Post Box With more and more couples living together before getting married a gift of money or a store voucher has become increasingly popular – and the traditional ‘pots and pans gifts’ being a thing of…

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