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How to Address your Invitation Envelopes – Part 1

Addressing your wedding envelopes may not appear to be a problem of etiquette, but if you read many of the wedding blogs the rules surrounding addressing envelopes look like a mine field.   Fortunately many weddings are…

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Modern Wedding Dilemmas Part 1

In ‘the good old days’, the etiquette for wedding invitations was relatively simple. The bride’s parents paid for the wedding, so they sent out the invitation; the wording rarely changed. The wedding would be at a church,…

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Wedding Etiquette if Your Parents are Divorced

It can be difficult to keep people happy when you are planning any wedding: if either the bride or the groom’s parents are divorced you may well be treading on egg shells throughout the organisation process. Of…

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette – The Dos and Don’ts

Here at Tree of Hearts we have 10 years experience of  helping brides and grooms send out wedding invitations. Wedding etiquette can be a tricky business, particularly as the rules are having to adapt to changes in…

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Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette

There are many different ways of wording your wedding invitations depending on your circumstances. Here’s a helpful look at how to write your invitations, and the reasons behind the etiquette. Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording – Bride’s Parents Hosting  …

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