How Do You Tell Wedding Guests That Children Aren’t Invited?

Some wedding couples make the decision to have an ‘adults only’ wedding. If this is your plan, you need to start planning how to tactfully tell your guests that children aren’t allowed!

If you are only inviting adults, you need to be aware that some guests won’t be able to attend due to childcare arrangements. Before you decide to have an ‘adults only’ wedding, think carefully about your guests’ circumstances. The last thing you want is absent friends and family.

Reasons for Not Inviting Children

Some brides spend months perfecting their wedding plans. The thought of having the big day ruined by a screaming toddler is a total nightmare!

Some choose an ‘adults only’ wedding because their venue is too small to accommodate everyone. This restricts the amount of guests that can attend, and children are usually the first to go from the guest list.

Another reason may be money. The cost of inviting everyone’s children does add up, and some couples just can’t afford that extra cash.

How to Tell Your Guests

You could write a message on your wedding invitations; use a guest information card if you don’t want to spoil the look of your invitations, or put it on the RSVP card.

Here are a few wording examples:

”No children allowed; we hope you respect our wishes.”

“Please note that this is an adults only reception.”

“Unfortunately, due to number restrictions, we are unable to invite children.”

”Hire a babysitter, let your hair down, and join us at our adults only wedding!”

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An alternative way to approach this subject is to call your friends and family. Explain that an invitation to your ‘adults only’ wedding is on the way. This will give them plenty of time to hire a babysitter should they wish to attend.

Children in the Wedding Party

You may want to restrict the amount of children who attend to the official wedding party members. If you’re going down this route, make it clear to guests beforehand to avoid any hard feelings.

This route can be trickier than simply ruling out kids completely, as some guests might think it’s a little unfair. But remember, it’s your wedding day. Whatever your decision, stick to it!

Here are some ways of putting this message across:

“Sorry, no children allowed, apart from the ones included in the wedding party.”

”Due to number restrictions, we can only invite children who will be part of the wedding party.”

“Only children included in the wedding party may attend.”

“Unfortunately, due to number restrictions, we have been unable to extend our invitations to include any children. Only children involved in the wedding party will be present. We hope that parents are able to arrange babysitters so they can join us on our special day.”

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Word Your Invitations Clearly

Many parents presume that, because they’ve been invited to a wedding, their children are welcome too. Therefore, it’s vital to word your wedding invitations clearly.

Firstly, address the invite to the couple only – for example, ‘Mr and Mrs Chandler’ or ‘Natalie and Robert’, not ‘Natalie, Robert, and Family’.

Secondly, add your ‘no children allowed’ message in a short line of text below the main wording. This way, it won’t be missed, nor will it spoil the look of the invite. Here’s an example:

Mr and Mrs D. Hickman request the pleasure of your company

at the marriage of their daughter

Mr James Brendan Owen

at St Peter’s Church, Bewdley
on Saturday 20th August 2020
at 11:00 am

and afterwards at
The Ramada Hotel,
Habberley Road, Bewdley

Unfortunately due to number restrictions, we are unable to invite children.

Thirdly, you can reiterate the message on your RSVP card by wording it like this:


would love to attend your wedding.

Please reserve us


adult seats in your honour.

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