Wedding Invitation Suites – Buying Guide

Wedding Invitation Suites – Buying Guide

When it comes to inviting guests to your wedding, you’ll no doubt want statement stationery that instantly sets the tone for your special day! And sometimes, a matching invite, RSVP, and guest information card in an envelope just isn’t enough.  The answer to your stationery needs? Wedding invitation suites! We’re sharing some tips on buying your dream suite.

Wedding Invitation Suites - Botanical Garden Pocketfold

Featured Design: ‘Botanical Garden – Pocketfold Wedding Invitation’

What Are Wedding Invitation Suites?

Invitation suites are a bundle consisting of an invitation, RSVP card and envelope, guest information card, and something to keep them together (usually a band or fold). A coordinated design runs through each part of the suite.

What really makes them stand out is the fact they turn three cards into a single, beautiful bundle. The band or fold that holds them together creates a gift-wrapped vibe. This makes them stand out from the typical invitation.

Choosing Your Invitation Suite

Suites come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can pick the look that’s right for you. There are also different styles. Bundled suites feature bands or string around the cards. The choice in fastener makes them versatile; you can use a sleek band for a modern wedding or rustic twine for a vintage feel.

Wedding Invitation Suite - Pretty Mason Jars Boutique

Featured Design: ‘Pretty Mason Jars – Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP’

Pocketfold suites are folded card wallets that hold the stationery inside. They’re especially striking, and perfect for making a statement! They are usually more expensive than a tied bundle, but they make a wonderful impact on guests!

Wedding Invitation Suites - Je t'aime Pocketfold

Featured Design: ‘Je t’aime – Pocketfold Wedding Invitation & RSVP’

If this style appeals to you, you might also like tri-fold and gate-fold invites. Like pocketfolds, they consist of folded card. However, instead of acting as a pouch for cards, the wording is printed straight onto them. They are usually tied, like a bundle, with bands or string – others have seals or Velcro fastenings.

Ordering and Sending Your Suite

Order your invitation suites early so you have time to make changes and fix any mistakes. Most stationers offer a proofing service so you can check your stationery before it’s printed. Make sure to check it carefully and ask friends to read it through too.

Ensure your invitation suite contains all the vital details guests will need. Make use of your RSVP and guest information card to spread out the details. Leave menu choices and attendance arrangements on the RSVP, and use the information card for timings, locations, and other key points. This way, you can make sure the wording on the main event – the invitation – looks elegant and uncluttered!

Wedding Invitation Suite - Rustic Lace Boutique

Featured Design: ‘Rustic Wedding Lace – Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP’

Send the suites out three to four months before your big day, or even earlier in the case of destination weddings. If you sent save the date cards, you can afford to send the invites a little later.

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