Wedding Menu Ideas

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We always get a lot of queries from brides about wedding menus.

What menu to choose?

Because of the unpredictable seasons, you can end up serving spring lamb in the snow in April, or hearty stews in the sunshine in November!

We always say that it’s best to eat ‘in season’ – no matter what’s happening outside the church window.  Here are a few ideas for some wedding menu plans, if you are looking for something a little different to the standard melon fan followed by chicken breast!

Take inspiration from your existing diet – do you love organic produce, are practising vegetarians, or have a traditional dish that you love to make at home?  The chances are, you will already by eating some food that is uniquely you, so why not share that with your loved ones on your wedding day.

Don’t feel that you have to stick to the traditional three courses – why not give the starter a miss and add interesting side dishes instead.  Or opt for a trio of mini desserts, rather than one particular dessert which may not appeal to everyone.

Pick a country you love and base your wedding menu around it.  Have a Mongolian feast, or a Chinese banquet for all your wedding guests.

If you have arranged your wedding for a non-traditional time – such as a mid-week celebration or or an early ceremony – then organise your food accordingly.  A grown-up afternoon tea party would be lovely to follow an informal service; or a late in the day wedding could mean you only have an evening buffet reception and miss out a formal wedding breakfast.

To save on money, arrange for a ‘Drinks and Desserts’ evening reception where there’s plenty of cake and non-alcoholic beverages on offer for your evening guests.  This will save a great deal versus the traditional buffet.

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