Wedding Table Plans

All Aboard Wedding Table Plan

There are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to purchasing your wedding table plans.

Wedding table plans don’t have to be bland and boring!  Consider personalising them with pictures or images that mean something to you.  Photographs of you are your partner are a great way to do this, but particular images and symbols can be just as effective – see our previous article on using images on your wedding stationery.

Something Different

Wedding table plans don’t have to simple be a list of names either – I’ve been to wedding where everybody’s names were made into anagrams – a real ice-breaker!  Other ideas include naming everyone by first names only for intimate weddings, using fond nicknames for those closest to you, and naming everyone according to their title (e.g. Auntie Emma and Uncle John or Besties Chloe and Donna).

It can be fun to do something a little different – but try to avoid confusing people!  Maybe you want to do away with names altogether and put pictures of your guests onto the table plan – a lot of work but it will look amazing!

With a bit of organisation and creativity your wedding table plans will look fabulous and create a real talking point for all your guests.

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