Wedding Thank You Etiquette

When you’re planning your wedding, your focus is likely to be squarely on the big day itself. But don’t forget about another important part of wedding etiquette – saying thank you to all your guests. The idea of sending out all those wedding thank you cards can seem daunting, but don’t worry. We’ve got everything you need to know about sending those notes!

When to Order Wedding Thank You Cards

First things first – choose your thank you stationery early! It’s impolite to send an impersonal text or email to thank your guests. After all, nothing shows your appreciation like a beautiful hand-written card. You can also tie the cards in with your special day by choosing a design that matches the rest of your wedding stationery.

Wedding Thank You - Rustic Flower Border

Featured Design: ‘Rustic Flower Border Wedding Invitation and Thank You Card’

Order your cards before your wedding day. Give yourself time to look at samples to ensure you like the quality before you purchase. Buying early cuts out the last-minute stress of ordering more stationery straight after your wedding day and gives you plenty of time to prepare your messages.

Some guests might send you presents before the day, too, so make sure you have cards ready before the wedding itself. You might prefer to buy thank you cards in advance for those guests while ordering a separate batch of cards after the marriage for post-wedding gifts. If you do this, you’ll be able to invest in some personalised thank you cards that use photos from your wedding. That personal touch can make the extra work worth it.

Wedding Thank You - UYO Photo

Featured Design: ‘Add Your Own Photo A6 Portrait Thank You Card’

What to Write

The etiquette for wording a thank you message isn’t complicated. If you know the guest well, you can use their first name and end it with something like ‘with love’. If you don’t know them well, address them formerly and sign off with ‘sincerely yours’. Make sure that you use your maiden name for pre-wedding notes and your new married name for post-wedding notes. Or you can keep it simple and stick with your first names!

Write from the heart, where possible. Thank those who attended for making your big day special. For each gift, add a lighthearted comment on how you plan to use or display it. If the gift-giver couldn’t attend, let them know they were missed. But, if you don’t like a gift, stay polite! Thank them for their generosity with the same enthusiasm you give to people who buy dream items from your gift list.

Wedding Thank You - Campervan

Featured Design: ‘Campervan Thank You Card’

As a final etiquette note, hand-write your cards in black or blue ink. Take the time to write each one neatly, and make it fun by settling down with your favourite drink and music while you work!

When to Send

According to wedding thank you etiquette rules, you need to send thank you notes within three months of your wedding day. Pre-wedding present givers should be formally thanked within three weeks. You need to send notes to everyone who attended, in addition to those who sent a gift (regardless of whether they made it to your wedding or not). Even if you’ve already thanked someone for an engagement or shower gift previously, send them another card if they give you a wedding present as well. And don’t forget to show your gratitude to the bridal party and others who helped make the special day possible!

Wedding Thank You - Bridesmaid

Featured Design: ‘Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid 3’

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