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Wedding favours are a great gesture to your wedding guests and are an opportunity to tie in your overall wedding theme.  With so many decisions to be made on budget and type of wedding favour, it’s really important to also keep in mind the wedding favours you should avoid at all costs!  Here are ones to avoid…

Sugared almonds – unless you are going for kitsch retro, avoid these hard-as-nails sweeties at all costs.  Cheap-tasting sugar coated almonds have been forced upon wedding guests for decades, so don’t you think it’s time for something a little more original???  Think truffles in miniature gift boxes, cupcakes in jars or cake pops for a tasty and tasteful gift for your guests.

Personalised memorabilia – this only works if you are ordering corporate gifts for a teambuilding exercise!  Personalised stationery, mugs, and t-shirts with your faces on them are so wrong.

Crap Gifts – Who really needs a pack of playing cards, a photo-print coaster or a keepsake coin imprinted with the date of your wedding?  That’s the stiff of Christmas crackers!  Once you have forked out for tens of these bric-a-brac favours, you could have made a reasonable donation to charity or put some money behind the bar instead.

You want your wedding to be a unique affair, so don’t scrimp on the favours.  Likewise, choose some bespoke wedding invitations to send out to your wedding guests.  Cheap and nasty bulk High Street versions will not do your big day justice.  Bespoke wedding invitations will add that finishing touch and make your wedding day really something special.

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