Why Buy Wedding Envelope Seals?


Here at, we believe that a little touch of vintage goes a long way – from lace-detailed wedding dresses to homemade wedding favours with a handwritten note, there’s nothing better than a nod to the year’s gone by.  Which is why we absolutely love our range of wedding envelope seals.

Why buy them?

We get asked a lot by brides and grooms-to-be whether they need to purchase wedding envelope seals as part of their wedding stationery pacakge.  Of course, it’s completely up to you, but many of our couples really love that finishing handmade touch, as do the guests who receive the beautifully sealed invitations.

We also think that when it comes to adding the seal on your envelopes, it’s a really lovely thing that you can both do together as a couple – or perhaps with extended family involved if you have a lot of invitations to send out.  We find that it’s a skill that men like to improve at as they attempt each envelope – and have even heard of brides-to-be being banished from the room while he gets on with the task at hand!

If you would like to look into wedding envlope seals to finish off your wedding stationery with a really personal touch, then take a look at our lovely range here.


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